Do you take trade-ins?

  • Yes, we do and we strive to give you the best deal for your trade ins?    


What about insurance and registration?

  • We do all the work for you. We will contact your insurance company to get your new insurance cards. We will also do all the transfers required by the Department of Motor Vehicles.


Do you charge for doing transfers at the Department of Motor Vehicles?

  • No, unlike most car dealers, we do not charge extra for this service.


Do you offer extended warranties?

  • At the present time, no. The extended warranty industry is having problems. Most companies have either filed for bankruptcy or have made it very difficult for customers to collect on claims. When we find an extended warranty company that we feel will serve our customers honestly, we will again offer this service.


  • Each vehicle is covered by the standard New York State used vehicle warranty.


Where is Dubelbeiss Auto Sales?

  • Dubelbeiss Auto Sales is located in the town of Irondequoit on Dubelbeiss Lane. Dubelbeiss Lane is off East Ridge Road, opposite Planet Fitness Plaza.